Meat Raffle 
wally's wisconsin tavern


every Sunday from to 6-8pm

What is a Meat Raffle?

Pretty much what is sounds like! We collect choice cuts of meat from our favorite farms – whole chickens, duck, steaks, and more along with selections of our house-made sausage and raffle them off! Hang out in the restaurant with friends and win your dinner for the week!

How does it work?

Meat Raffle tickets are $1 a piece. Starting at 6pm, two winners are drawn every half hour (first drawing is at 6:00pm) and allowed to select their favorite cut of meat from the meat cooler. The last drawing is at 8pm and the final winner also gets a $20 Rhein Haus gift card.

Can I get a free raffle ticket?

Sure! Just show us your social media post about Meat Raffle with #MeatRaffleSunday and receive 1 free raffle ticket.

“Come get your meat!”